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Bitches aint shit but hoes and tricks
Character Name:
Nepeta #Pimpeta Lejion
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((Stop trying to make "fetch" a thing))
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Character Bio:
Your name is NEPETA LEIJON. Also known as PIMPETA BITCHES

You live in a CAVE that is also a HIVE, but still mostly just a CAVE. You like to ROLEPLAY and passive aggressively BLACKFLIRT with everyone who challenges you. Youíll fucking punch a HONEYBEAST you donít give a FUCK!

Your daily routine is dangerous enough as it is. You prowl the wilderness for GREAT BEASTS and BITCHES WHO OWE YOU MONEY, and stalk them and take them down with nothing but your SHARP CLAWS AND TEETH! You take them back to your cave and EAT THEM, and from time to time, WEAR THEIR PELTS FOR FUN. You like to paint WALL COMICS using blood and soot and ash, depicting EXCITING TALES FROM THE HUNT! And other goofy stories about you and your numerous pals.

Your trolltag is arsenicCatnip and :33  Be The Pimp

(Note: character biography goes out to my home boy Hussie who created this shit and has allowed me to bask in the glory that is nepeta with a few tweaks here and there)

As said by a wise Feferi about Pimpeta:

ďMig)(ty )(unter, proud and strong.

Many an )(our and )(ardly a s)(ip wrong.

Many wis)( t)(ey were as coral as you!

And t)(ey give you t)(re respect t)(atís due.

Naut a one can glub )(ow muc)( you pimp.

And if t)(ey disrespect you give t)(em t)(e flip*.

Youíre one coral cat, t)(atís for s)(ore!

Letís sea w)(at else you )(ave in store!

For you t)(ere is no s)(ame.

Nepetaís your name and pimping is your game!

*= flipping t)(em t)(e feat)(erbeast.Ē
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