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Personal Text:
memether supreme (TrendyGaea)
Character Name:
Mom Lalonde
Character Aliases:
Roxanne, Roxy
Character Species:
Character Preferred Pronouns:
She, her, hers
Character Blood Color:
Character Fetch Modus:
Message In a Bottle
Character Strife Specibus:
Fistkind, riflekind
Character's Weapon:
AK 47, Fists (of fury), Memes
Character Bio:
Roxanne Lalonde, or most commonly known as Mom Lalonde, is me. She is talking in third person. She is cool, smart and radical. She's awesome and probably cares about you. She's also a ghost in the dream bubbles.
A Mom Lalonde who was raised by Jacob (Grandpa) Harley. Closet Minion Meme lover.
Hiya, I'm BC and I just wanna say, I'm very much a lurker and quite shy, though I'd love to rp! If you have any questions or something about this Momlal or anything else, lemme know, thank you!
Have a great day!
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have a great day! ~<|:D