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Character Name:
Thollux #doubletrouble #lefrench Captor
Character Aliases:
Sollux, Sol, B-E-E, Pr8ck
Character Species:
Character Preferred Pronouns:
Character Blood Color:
Character Fetch Modus:
Character Strife Specibus:
aiin't nobody got tiime for that
Character's Weapon:
Psionics/Throwing stars
Character Bio:
So this is Thollux
He's dead.
He's starting to become more and more "0kay" with it though
He's 6"4' tall, too. That's a useful thing to mention.
He's also poly ! Another useful thing for you laaaaadies~ (guys too)
As of right now he's got all of his quadrants filled, though there's always extra space for another lucky troll~ or human for that matter !
Also he wears his shades on the wrong side, with the blue lense on the right side. Just so you know.
And he often (really often) uses fishpuns, due to his moirallegiance with a certain -EXCIT-ED seadweller
If anyone needs additional info, please feel free to PM me and I'll edit this ^w^
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