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T)(e -Empress
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Just keep swimming, everyt)(ing will be ok!
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Feferi Peixes
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Idunn's Entente
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Your name is FEFERI PEIXES and you are the WITCH OF LIFE.

During your SESSION, you left LAND OF BRAINS AND FIRE after SOLLUX and ERIDAN’S first DUEL, and spent most of the time ALONE on your planet working on your PERSONAL QUEST. You successfully released the WATER from the bowl to NOURISH the planet, causing the SPROUTS of the colorful trees to GROW. You learned what it meant to be the WITCH OF LIFE.

Eventually you discovered your QUEST SLAB, and by then had learned what it MEANT, so you sacrificed yourself on it, as per the rules of ascension.

Your session was a mess. Nobody really got anything done. With Aradiabot gone, Derse was free to take over Skaia, resulting in the reckoning, during which the Black King let off a vast glub and killed all of your sessionmates. Except you, and so you have lasted a LONG TIME in the incipisphere. A good two sweeps or so, in fact.

But that’s okay! Everything will be okay! You spend your time on your LAND with everything you could need. Now you mostly just spend your time socializing with ghosts when you sleep, talking to the horrorterrors, or just chatting online. You have also apparently become Empress of the consorts of LODAG.

You are a little bit MOODY these days, mostly due to your long ISOLATION, and you can be EVEN QUICKER TO SNAP AT OTHERS. Which is saying something, because you were already pretty quick to lash out. You’re still easily excitable, though, and rather friendly!

Your trolltag is cuttlefishCuller and you )(ave a really )(ard time not getting R-EALLY -EXCIT-ED ABOUT PRACTICALLY -EV——ERYT)(ING!!!
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October 25, 2015, 02:02:49 AM
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February 20, 2018, 02:18:53 AM
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