Karkat Vantas, the Inhabile Asperser Rumpus Buster

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Karkat Vantas
Character Aliases:
KK, Kar, Karcat, Beep Beep Meow, the Inferior Snottery (self-assigned title: "Snottery" means "abomination")
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Character's Weapon:
Sickle, Regisickle, Homes Smell Ya Later, Clawsickle. He switches them out depending upon his mood.
Character Bio:
--This iteration of Karkat is currently on the meteor.--

Karkat Vantas has been alive for a little over eight sweeps. Six of those were spent on the planet on which he was hatched on, Alternia, a planet that he knew was inevitably going to kill him. Because of his mutated blood color, Karkat did not leave his lawn ring as much as other trolls on Alternia would, and he adopted an online persona similar to that of the stereotypical highblood, temperamental, over-the-top, boastful, and unpredictable. Eventually, this persona would become hard to lift, resulting in his famous tendency for having shitfits over small annoyances.

While he was young, Karkat spent much of his free time in his hive, practicing with his sickle. He never became that good at fighting, but his hope was that he could become a member of the Threshecutioners, an elite militia in the Alternian fleet. On top of this, he hoped that he would be proficient enough for his mutation to be something that would be overlooked if at any point it became impossible to hide. However, this was not Karkat's only hobby. He enjoys computer programming, however he cannot easily understand the programming language he uses, nor do the programs he creates ever benefit the computers that run them. Karkat also enjoys romance novels and romantic movies and comedies, since he finds them to be sociologically intriguing. (For this reason, many people think of Karkat Vantas as a romantic sap who would compare even mediocre flirting to one of his romcoms. However, he has very strict ideas in his mind about how any romantic relationship involving himself should be, and any deviation from these ideas result in him feeling disappointed, confused, and cheated.)

At six sweeps of age, he began playing a video game called SGRUB with his eleven friends, as leader of the a team of six (including himself). After finding out later that his team and the other team of six were not competing against each other, Karkat ended up becoming the leader of his session and they were able to beat the game. However, before they could enter the new universe they created, an alternate version of Jack Noir - one of the characters in the game - destroyed the entrance and forced him along with his companions to the ectobiology lab on a meteor in the Veil. At this point, Karkat instructed his team mates to troll the humans responsible, in the hopes that his band could make the humans' lives about as miserable as the time the he thought to be the end of his - and his friends'. This resulted in the kids completing their session and the Scratch, which resulted in the humans' version of Jack Noir to enter the trolls' session in the first place.

Later, when Gamzee, Eridan, and Vriska killed almost half of his friends, Karkat had a mental breakdown, and the more friends he saw die, the more distressed he became. To this day, Karkat still mourns the deaths of his friends. However, he did agree to travel with his living friends, along with Rose Lalonde and Dave Strider to the humans' post-Scratch session.

Karkat has a leadership complex, and for a while saw himself as an ideal figurehead. However, over time he grew to criticize everything he did as a leader and started to question whether or not he was able to effectively act as a support system for a group of trolls (and later, humans). This resulted in him unofficially relinquishing his leadership position to Vriska, both because he felt unfit for the job, and because he figured her desire to be in the spotlight would make her better at it than he was.

One thing is certain - Karkat Vantas is very much an asshole. However, he was given the title Knight of Blood for a reason. Above all else, Karkat cares about his friends and would be willing to do anything to ensure that they live full and happy lives. Despite the fact that he is terrified of his own mortality, Karkat would gladly sacrifice his own life to end even a moment of any of his friends' suffering, or to keep them alive, even if it would only last for a minute. He is loyal and would never betray his friends' trust, and despite his lack of talent for fighting, has no greater desire than to stand by their sides on the battlefield.

Despite his virtues and tendency to boast about himself, Karkat is extremely self-loathing and self-depreciating. He accounts for this by blaming his faults on his past and future selves (and even going so far as to message them through time in order to have long arguments with them), but despite his hatred of Past and Future Karkat, he feels that his present self is the worst version of himself. He has mentioned that he sometimes feels as if he was meant to be his own kismesis, as he knows more about his own inner faults (and is more bothered by them) than anybody else he has ever met.

His ride on the meteor is slowly and surely becoming more and more dull, and to be completely honest, he prefers it that way. However, one problem would be that things keep going wrong no matter what he does, and it's starting to wear down on him mentally. However, Karkat has started making new friends in Paradox Space, among the several ghosts in the dream bubbles as well as a few living members of alternate timelines. If only he could do something to keep everything in the lab from consistently malfunctioning.

As of right now, only one of Karkat's quadrants is filled. He is in a moirailegiance with the Dave Strider from his timeline.
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