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Character Name:
Marquise Spinneret Mindfang
Character Aliases:
Captain Mindfang, Fanger of Minds
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Character Bio:
Ah the good ole Fanger of Minds.
Mindfang was a notorious badass pirate, stealing shit and just being a boss
Life on the sea is all she's known, aspiring to be a great pirate and eventually be the captain of her own ship.

She spends her time recording a log of her life, an example for future pirates and perhaps a descendant.Upon  finding the journal one could be led to her treasures.

The Grand High blood sent his best after Mindfang, who was stealing from him and causing too much of an uproar, Redglare. Redglare was quite the wildcard but underestimated by Mindfang. When confronted she lost her vision eight-fold to pyralsprite and her arm to Redglare.

Mindfang was put on trial and used her abilities to turn the crowd of rustbloods to take care of Redglare, then used her own cane  to kill He Honorable Tyranny. Once free she made her way to Darkleer's hive, her moirail, to receive a new arm, hide the all knowing cue ball, and get the fuck outta town.

After a startling turn of events she fell for a bronze blooded troll who she joined the rebellion with, and eventually tricked him in to killing her.

The end
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