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In Depth BBCode Guide! [Gifs, moving text]
« on: October 25, 2015, 09:39:49 PM »
Welcome to the site everyone! Now this is a little bit of a different format from what you may be used to, so I, the Good Witch of Life, have decided to turn off my super cool neato quirk to kelp everyone out with this! Hee hee.

(Shout out to my timelineís Sollux for teaching me everything I know!)

The beautiful Kanaya wrote a hemotyping guide over here, but Iíll go over it again! Just remove the spaces from each of these codes to get them to work! Donít worry if you make mistakes while figuring it out, if anyone points it out Iíll ask Flthulhu to tell them a bed tide story.

So letís start. To show an example CODE, you write:

[ code ] codes in here [ /code ] and aside from the first tags, the codes will all appear!


To change the color of your text, you type:

Code: [Select]
[color=#HEXCODE]text here[/color].

 If you want to use multiple colors in one line, like THIS:

Eridanís text color is much different from Aradiaís text color.

You would type it like this.

Code: [Select]
[color=#6A006A]Eridanís text color is much different from [color=#A10000]Aradiaíís text color[/color].[/color]

You have to open and close every tag.

Here's some neato websites with a bunch of hex codes for colors! I suggest, for the sake of the forum, to choose colors that are easy to read.


To post an image, you type:

Code: [Select]
[img]direct link to the image[/img]

To get the direct link to the image, right click the image, and then select ďcopy image locationĒ. Then just paste the url between the two img tags.

To make an image click-through, type the following:

Code: [Select]
[url=link to where you want the picture to go when clicked][img]direct link to the image[/img][/url]

Which will look like this:

This is REALLY great for sourcing images and art!!!


To make a link:

Just paste the link.

To make the link part of your text, you do this.

Code: [Select]
You type out what you want to write, and then you [url=URL HERE]insert the link[/url] like so.
You type out what you want to write, and then you insert the link like so.


To insert a font, highlight what you want to change the font of, and click the little button up in the top of the post area. This only works with full reply, so if you want to use quick reply, do this:

Code: [Select]
I have a [font=comic sans ms]lovely bunch of coconuts[/font] doodly doodly doo [font=lucida]here they are a standing[/font] in a row deedly deedly dee.
Which looks like this:

I have a lovely bunch of coconuts doodly doodly doo here they are a standing in a row deedly deedly dee.

Changing the font size is simple:

Code: [Select]

You can use any number in place of 24!

Code: [Select]

Code: [Select]

Code: [Select]
[u][s]both at once[/s][/u]both at once

Do you want to make your font AGONIZINGLY TINY? Good news everyone! The method is exactly the same as on Flarping.

Code: [Select]
[sub] text [/sub]

from here, you can do all SORTS of things!

Code: [Select]





Just keep track of how many sups and subs you use.


You can make either a bullet point list or a numbered list.

Code: [Select]
[li]Bullet 1[/li]
[li]Bullet 2[/li]
[li]Add more by continuing this pattern.[/li]

[list type=decimal]
[li]Same method as above.[/li]

  • Bullet 1
  • Bullet 2
  • Add more by continuing this pattern.

  • First.
  • Second
  • Same method as above.


I donít recommend using this unless you want to be REALLY obnoxious, but Iím obligated to show you how anywaves.

Code: [Select]
[move]text here[/move]
Looks like this!

text here
From here you can do all sorts of things with it. Hereís a cool code.

Code: [Select]
[move][size=24pt][font=impact][color=#FF0000]A[/color][color=#FF1D00]n[/color][color=#FF3A00]d[/color] [color=#FF7500]e[/color][color=#FF9300]h[/color] [color=#FFCD00]t[/color][color=#FFEB00]h[/color][color=#F5FF00]e[/color][color=#D7FF00]r[/color][color=#BAFF00]e[/color][color=#9CFF00]'[/color][color=#7FFF00]s[/color] [color=#44FF00]n[/color][color=#27FF00]o[/color][color=#09FF00]t[/color][color=#00FF13]h[/color][color=#00FF31]i[/color][color=#00FF4E]n[/color][color=#00FF6B]g[/color] [color=#00FFA6]e[/color][color=#00FFC4]l[/color][color=#00FFE1]s[/color][color=#00FEFF]e[/color] [color=#00C4FF]I[/color] [color=#0089FF]c[/color][color=#006BFF]a[/color][color=#004EFF]n[/color] [color=#0013FF]s[/color][color=#0900FF]a[/color][color=#2700FF]y[/color][color=#4400FF].[/color] [color=#7F00FF]E[/color][color=#9C00FF]h[/color] [color=#D700FF]e[/color][color=#F500FF]h[/color][color=#FF00EB],[/color] [color=#FF00B0]e[/color][color=#FF0093]h[/color] [color=#FF0058]e[/color][color=#FF003A]h[/color][color=#FF001D]![/color][/font][/size][/move]

And eh there's nothing else I can say. Eh eh, eh eh!

And thatís about all I can think of that needs going over, but I'll probably add more as I think of it! Have fun, and BBCode responsibly!
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